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Fear is Just a Lie is a world-building game designed to help you establish a town setting for a horror RPG. The game takes place in 5 phases and requires a standard french deck of playing cards (52 suited cards) and a journal to write in. 

This game was written for The Solo Games Jam. It was inspired  by media like Twin Peaks, Alan Wake, Night in the Woods, Pacific Northwest Stories Podcasts, and The Machine by Adira and Fen Slattery

This game was written, photographed, and produced on unceded Munsee Lenape lands. 

Listen to an actual play on the Chicks With Dice Podcast! 

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TagsHorror, journal, LARP, lyric-game, Singleplayer, world-building


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Fear is Just a Lie is a game about making evidence pieces for a larger mystery. You take the role of an investigator researching all of the strange occurrences in an area, and building a case file of evidence. 

The evidence you collect can be in any form: an interview, a brochure, a news report, pictures, whatever! The game doesn’t indicate what type of evidence it is, so you are completely free to make up what best suits your needs. 

You play the game in 5 phases. Phase 1 is free-form and you decide what kind of town you are investigating. The game provides a couple of questions for you to answer such as climate, name, and other things to jump start city creation. 

Phase 2-5 you draw 4 cards for each phase. The rain will indicate which question you should answer and the suit will indicate the tone. 

This game is perfect for a setup for a larger mystery game and lets you create some interesting evidence for future characters to use!

I wrote about some weird iron ingots, some people going missing, and a large underground water wheel under a river. You can find my playthrough Here


I really enjoyed all the world building this game sparks and I'd love to use it in the future for something! A really cool game that I'd highly recommend checking out!