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Let's face it, eating alone at a McDicks can be a pretty sad experience, but it doesn't have to be! Thanks to this liminal space body horror LARP, you can turn your meal into an adventure you won't soon forget. Making use of our one-of-a-kind shape based randomization, all you need is 6 nuggets, some fries, and your imagination.

Inspired by Jeff Stormer's Olive Garden LARP, Lilith Deathcarpets' The Broken Leaves Beneath our Feet and Horse Girl by Samuel Mui

This game is a work of satire and is in no way endorsed by the McDonalds Corporation.


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Game is fingerlicking good but darn those D6 now in my tartare sauce! i wish there was a diceless version.

You're dipping your McNuggets in tartare sauce? Kind of inspired tbh.

Here's your bespoke diceless rules variant: Whenever you might roll 2d6, instead grab another pinch of fries and add your modi-fry-er to the result.